Successful Conduct of Visit of UAE Navy SME Delegation to Indian Navy Facilities

A three member UAE Navy Subject Matter Expert (SME) Delegation led by Colonel Dr Ali Saif Ali Mehrazi successfully completed professional interaction with Indian Navy during their four day visit to specialized Meteorology, Oceanography, training and Weather Modelling facilities on 01 Sep 23.

The bilateral meeting, held at Integrated Headquarters (IHQ) of MoD (Navy), New Delhi on 01 Sep 23 was a key highlight, during which both navies expressed their satisfaction with the outcomes and agreed to deepen cooperation in the fields of Meteorology and Oceanography.

Also, both sides recognised the mutual benefits that can be achieved through joint research projects, knowledge exchange, and capacity building initiatives.

Colonel Dr Ali Saif Ali Mehrazi, head of delegation expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and outstanding hospitality extended by Indian Navy(IN) that facilitated the fruitful discussions keeping in view the mutual interests of both navies.

UAE Navy highly valued the insights gained from engaging with counterparts and witnessing the cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and research programs developed by IN.

Further, the delegation looks forward to utilizing this new knowledge and exploring possibilities for joint research and cooperation.

As part of the visit to IHQ MoD (Navy), New Delhi, Colonel Dr Ali Saif Ali Mehrazi also called on Rear Admiral Nirbhay Bapna, ACNS (FCI).

Discussions emphasising the importance of international cooperation in addressing challenges such as weather patterns, oceanic conditions, and climate change as well as the other related fields that have implication on naval operations were undertaken.

This visit is a testament to the commitment and dedication of both nations to creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all.