RFI for 02 X 500T Self Propelled Water Barge

Issue Date: 12-Sep-2023

Response Date: 07-Nov-2023

Issue Date: Indian Navy

The Indian Navy under Ministry of Defence, Government of India, is planning to procure 02 x 500 Ton Self Propelled (SP) Water Barges from registered Indian Shipyards. With a view to identify probable shipyards who can undertake the construction of 02 x 500 Ton SP Water Barges, the Shipyards are requested to forward information as sought in this RFI. The aim of seeking this RFI is also to finalise the specifications for the Barge with inputs from the Shipyards.

Important Technical Parameters. Important Technical Parameters are placed at Appendix A of this document. Detailed specifications will be given in the RFP which will be issued to Shipyard after verifying their credentials and capabilities to construct 500 Ton SP Water Barge. Further following details are to be submitted:-

  • Feasibility to build 500 Ton SP Water Barge as per technical/ operational parameters and specifications indicated at Appendix A. The shipyards are required to furnish details for each of the operational and technical parameters as brought out in Appendix A. Any modification to the parameter/ specifications listed at Appendix A, can be suggested by the Shipyard with suitable justification(s).
  • Shipyard to submit the concept design for the Vessel and option of providing upcoming technologies, if any, which will meet the intended purpose of the Vessel and enhance its employability. Further, Shipyard to indicate Technological advancement in the field of Yardcraft construction/ recommendations for induction of new equipment/ systems onboard the Yardcraft.

(c) Agreement and / or collaboration with firms with regard to Design and Construction of the Vessel.

(d) Budgetary quote of the 500 Ton SP Water Barges with detailed break up of cost is to be submitted. This should include Basic Cost of 500 Ton SP Water Barges, Project Monitoring System (PMS), Handling of B&D spares, OBS, Special Maintenance Tools/ STTE, Training and Training Aggregate, Freight/ Transit Insurance Cost and AMC (as applicable). All entities factored in the costing are to be indicated in the break up. Details of import duties, if any applicable, to be indicated separately.

(e) Information on whether the offered Vessel/ design is in use by any other Indian Customer is to be indicated.

(f) The Vessel will be operated by Manpower/ Crew as indicated in Appendix A. The maintenance of the Vessel post guarantee period will be carried out by Naval Dockyards/ Naval Repair Yards. Training to IN personnel on operation and maintenance is to be imparted by the Shipyard/ Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of equipment at Shipyards/ OEM premises and (or) IN premises. Shipyard to submit proposed training schedule for crew and maintainers covering all the equipment fit and auxiliary systems installed in the Vessel in accordance with DAP-20. Further, shipyard to indicate acceptance to conduct the training at OEM premises and shipyard premises for the crew and maintainers.

(g) The tentative delivery schedule/ build period for delivery of the Vessels to IN at Mumbai (01) and Karwar (01) after conclusion of contract including the build strategy.

(j) Shipyards may consider this RFI as advance information to obtain requisite Government clearances and setting up of necessary infrastructure both in terms of manpower and material requirements.

(k) Shipyard has to confirm its acceptance with the terms of payment as per Chapter XII, Section B, Para 79 and Appendix B to Chapter XII of DAP 20 and amendments thereof.