Issued Date: 29-Sep-2023

Response Date: 27-Oct-2023

Service: Department of Defence Research and Development      

The Very Short Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS) MISSILE, quantity requirement id for 30nos.


(i) Specifications/Drawings will be made available to the DcPPs by the RFP issuing authority after signing of a NDA with the Buyer.

(ii) Specifications/drawings supplied by this office are to be returned with the Techno-Commercial Bid.

Buyer reserves the right to apportion the quantity among 2 (two) “Development Cum Production Partner (DcPP) Partners in the ratio of 60 : 40 (Fifty : Fifty) starting from Lowest Bidder (L1) and proceeding to Next Higher Bidder and so on subject to their consent to meet the L1’s rates as well as terms and conditions, as negotiated. The DcPP Partners are requested to submit the price bid catering the need of apportioned quantity as well as total quantity, else the unit cost of the store(s) for total quantity will be considered for the apportioned quantity while evaluating the bid.”