MoD to procure 423 Nos. of Motor Cycle (Electric) for Indian Army

The Indian Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximate quantity 423 Numbers of Motor Cycle (Electric).

They will be used by Indian Army in the Peace Establishments/ Units deployed in plains and semi hilly terrain and climatic condition as prevalent in the country.

The Motor Cycle (Electric) will be capable of transporting two soldiers.

Since the tech is niche, is ever evolving and Indian Army is procuring these vehicles for the first time, the GSQR prepared at this stage shall be amended as per inputs and feedback received post induction and exploitation of the initial lot of electric vehicles in this class.

Operational Parameters of Motor Cycle (Electric) for Indian Army

Following are the operational Parameters of Motor Cycle (Electric) issued by the MoD:-

  • The Motor Cycle (Electric) should employ contemporary technology in all its systems to deliver optimum performance and reliability.
  • Dimensions and Weight. The unladen weight of the Motor Cycle (Electric) should not exceed 150 Kgs and should not be less than 130 Kgs. The overall dimensions and weight should lend itself to suitable handling by one person.
  • The Motor Cycle (Electric) should have a facility for storage in form of dickeys, with locking arrangements, easily detachable when required, on both sides for keeping documents and stores.
  • Operating Temperature Range. The Motor Cycle (Electric) will be designed to operate in the temperature range of minus 50C to 40 0+5.

Broad Technical Requirements.:-  These include of:-

  • Motor Cycle (Electric). Electric motor having minimum output of 1.5 KW.
  • Battery Range Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) Range on full charge not less that 100 Kms/ charge with full payload under standard conditions.
  • Battery Charger A battery charger will be provided.
  • Service Life Service life should not be less than 8 years/ 1,00,000 Kms (whichever is earlier).

Also, the interested vendors would be accountable to provide product support for minimum 10 years which would include supply of Spares, material and maintenance.

Besides the interested vendor should also provide details of facilities and availability of infrastructure across Indian or abroad to repair and overhaul assemblies/ sub-assemblies/ parts.

To be noted that post technical evaluation, the equipment will be put through a Field Evaluation Trial (FET) in India on a ‘No Cost No Commitment’ basis.

The Trial timelines will be issued in the RFP. One vehicle will be provided for the FET process which would comprise of :-

  •  Summer trials in plains.
  • Winter trials in plains.
  • MET (Maintainability Evaluation Trials).
  • DGQA evaluation.