U.S. And Switzerland Sign Agreement For PAC-3 MSE Missile

U.S. and Switzerland officials formalized an agreement for Switzerland to purchase Lockheed Martin’s (Patriot Advanced Capability-3)PAC-3 MSE (Missile Segment Enhancement) missiles and related support equipment.

With this agreement, Switzerland becomes PAC-3’s 15th partner nation.

The induction of the missile will help Switzerland in strengthening their homeland defense against evolving threats.

Further, PAC-3 MSE will bolster Switzerland’s Patriot ground-based air defense system as a part of the Switzerland Air Force’s Air2030 program.

Lockheed Martin and armasuisse also finalized the Offset Agreement supporting the PAC-3 MSE program.

This agreement is the catalyst for multiple new projects that will support Switzerland’s  security-relevant technology and industry base(STIB).

About PAC-3 MSE Missile

PAC-3 MSE Missile is a high velocity, hit-to-kill, surface-to-air missile capable of intercepting and destroying Tactical Ballistic Missiles TBM and air-breathing threats.

The PAC-3 MSE is the follow-on variant of the PAC-3 missile.

The PAC-3 MSEs improved capability is achieved through a higher performance solid rocket motor, modified lethality enhancer, more responsive control surfaces, upgraded guidance software, and insensitive munitions improvements.

The missile employs kinetic energy via body-to-body contact to destroy targets through a hit-to-kill capability and provides the range, accuracy, and lethality to effectively defend against TBMs armed with weapons of mass destruction as well as providing expanded battlespace performance against complex threats. 

Notably, the PAC-3 MSE expands the battlespace with a dual-pulse solid rocket motor, providing increased performance in altitude and range.

It is a high-velocity interceptor that defends against incoming threats, including tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, advanced threats and aircraft.

The missile uses Hit-to-Kill technology, intercepting threats through kinetic energy via body-to-body contact.

Source: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/