DRDO Develops Radar Absorbing Paint To Help Military Aircraft Develop Greater Degree Of Stealth

The Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a Radar Absorbing Paint that will help military aircraft of the Indian Armed Forces to reduce their radar signature, thereby allowing them to develop a greater degree of stealth against enemy radars.

Dr Nagarajan, the leader of the Defence Laboratory team behind the Radar Absorbing Paint’s development, said the indigenously developed paint has so far been used on Indian Air Force’s platforms including the MiG-29 fighter jets and termed the results encouraging.

Also, the paint will reportedly be used on DRDO’s own aircraft and other platforms.

Source: https://aninews.in/

About Radar Absorbing Paint

Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur has developed Polyurethane based Radar absorbing Paint using magnetic functional filler material for application on strategic targets for RCS reduction.

Noteworthy, the polyurethane resin system used in Radar Absorbing Paint has excellent weathering resistance, and capable of withstand very low and high temperature.

The magnetic functional filler material with specific size and shape has been used in appropriate ratio in resin matrix to obtain maximum radar absorption properties.

The developed paint has capability for its application on airborne as well as land based strategic targets.

Advantages of Technology: The developed Radar absorbing Paint has following advantages:

  • Exhibit more than 90% microwave absorption
  • Room temperature drying and curing for application in field conditions
  • Low and high temperature thermal stability
  • Resistance to Hydraulic Oil, Water, Air Turbine Fuel
  • Capable to withstand thermal shock cycling
  • Sustained aerodynamic Vibration
  • Can be applied on Al/Al alloy and CFRP composite surface without affecting the structural properties
  • Easy application using spray gun on complex objects

Source: https://drdo.gov.in/sites/default/files/inline-files/RadarAbsorbingPaint.pdf