thyssenkrupp Aerospace and Boeing Sign Contract to Extend Long-Term Partnership

Germany based thyssenkrupp Aerospace and US based Boeing Company have signed a contract extension, continuing their partnership that has stood since 1998.

Based on the agreement, thyssenkrupp Aerospace, part of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, the largest materials distributor and service provider in the western world, will continue to provide dedicated supply chain management services, supply raw materials, and offer value-added services to Boeing and its worldwide network of subcontractors.

Notably, thyssenkrupp Aerospace works to ensure a secure supply to Boeing by leveraging its worldwide network.

This includes operating multiple facilities across North America encompassing 167,200 m2 (1.8 million sq ft) that are entirely dedicated to providing raw material and value-added services to Boeing and its subcontractors in North America, Europe, and Asia.

From these sites, thyssenkrupp Aerospace oversees the material management for Boeing for the supply of aluminum flat & extrusion products and titanium.

Further, thyssenkrupp Aerospace manages a global control tower for Boeing’s materials supply chain, delivering solutions that go beyond the value-added services of a traditional materials distributor.

Also, thyssenkrupp Aerospace provides supply chain and materials optimization with a high focus on reducing risk, maximizing efficiency, managing, and delivering materials and parts exactly where and when they are needed.

The company uses big data and advanced analytics to ensure material supply for Boeing amid global constraints and fast-changing economic and geopolitical conditions.

The raw material for Boeing’s large network of subcontractors is managed by thyssenkrupp Aerospace, which allows for total demand aggregation, the ability to plan for ramp-ups and downs, reduced lead times, and other optimizations.

With its holistic view of the end-to-end supply chain, thyssenkrupp Aerospace can supply material based on real-time business and market conditions.  

About thyssenkrupp Aerospace 

thyssenkrupp Aerospace is a global leader in providing supply chain solutions for the aerospace industry.

The company’s network comprises more than 40 locations in over 20 countries.

Its more than 3,500 customers include the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers.

Noteworthy, thyssenkrupp Aerospace offers supply chain management and a wide range of supply chain and manufacturing services.

These include raw material sourcing, warehousing, precision machining, third-party logistics and just-in-time delivery.

About thyssenkrupp Materials Services
thyssenkrupp Materials Services is the largest materials distributor and service provider in the western world with around 380 locations – including around 260 warehouse sites – in more than 30 countries.

The versatile range of services offered by the materials experts allows customers to focus even more strongly on their individual core businesses.

As part of its strategic further development “Materials as a Service” the company is focusing on the supply of raw materials and materials as well as products and services in the area of supply chain management.

Digital solutions ensure efficient and resource-saving processes for customers and thus provide the basis for sustainable action.

2030 Materials Services will operate on a climate-neutral basis.