RFP for CHAFF pack 45 MM for Rafale aircraft

Issue Date: 03-Nov-2023

Response Date: 11-Jan-2024

Service: Indian Air Force 

Rafale Aircraft Chaff Pack Φ 45 MM, quantity – 7150.

Description. The chaff pack consists of “pre-cut” aluminum coated glass fiber dipoles packed in a plastic-coated aluminum envelope. Each pack is made of one or several sub-packs according to the wave length of the threat (E/F, G/H, I, J).

Airworthiness Certification. Airworthiness certificate issued by the competent certifying authority is to be provided.

Shelf Life. Life of all Sub components shall be equal to or more than the Specified Life of the product/ item. The item should be of the latest manufacture, conforming to the current production standard and having 100% defined life at the time of PDI.