Israel approves four day ceasefire deal with Hamas

In the first truce between Israel and Hamas amid the war going on for over six weeks, the Israeli government on Wednesday approved a deal of ceasefire in which 50 women and children would be freed by Hamas.

However, this is not the end of the war, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said before his war cabinet voted on the deal.

The war will go on until Hamas is eliminated and all hostages are freed.

Notably, officials from Qatar mediated the deal between Israel and Hamas.

Besides, US President Joe Biden had helped to reach the agreement so that it included more hostages and fewer concessions.

Noteworthy, about 240 people were taken hostage by the Hamas after they attacked Israel on October 7.

The hostages were mainly people who attended the music festival that Hamas targeted.

In addition to Israeli citizens, more than half the hostages held foreign and dual citizenship from some 40 countries including the U.S., Thailand, Britain, France, Argentina, Germany, Chile, Spain and Portugal.