Indian Army to procure 10000 Nos. of Hand Held Thermal Imager (Uncooled)

The Indian Army is interested in the procurement of 10,000 Nos of of Hand Held Thermal Imager (Uncooled) and have issue a Request for Information (RFI) for the same.

Basically, the Indian Army is seeking Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI (UC) with latest technology parameters to enable soldiers to carryout surveillance upto 3000 m.

The following broad characteristics are sought in the HHTI (UC):-

(a) Day and Night Capability. The surveillance device should enable day and night surveillance with combination of High Resolution Optical Viewer, Digital (low light) and Thermal (uncooled) sensors.

(b) LRF, DMC and GNSS/NAVIC. The surveillance device should facilitate judging distance of area under surveillance using LRFs, acquisition of magnetic bearing using DMC and provide own location to user employing inbuilt Satellite Navigation Systems including NAVIC.

(c) Recording and Transmission. The surveillance device should facilitate recording and storage of minimum three hours of SD videos with removable storage devices. It should also enable seamless wired/ wireless connectivity minimum upto 50m with standard interfaces.

(d) Weight. Less than 3.0 Kgs (Incl btys).

(e) In terms of design, metallurgy and performance parameters, the sight should ‘Conform to latest technology and use of superior material’.

(f) The HHTI(UC) should be capable of providing the desired performance across all spectrums of employment in the Indian terrain and climatic conditions.

(g) The HHTI(UC) should comply with laid down military standards and relevant international standards in vogue.

Also, to be noted the last date of response to the RFI is 25 Jan 2024; while the tentative date of issue of issuance of tender or Request for Proposal (RFP) is Jun 2024.

Planned to be procured in a phased manner, the desired quantity should be delivered within six (06) months to twenty four (24) months from the day of Advance Payment.

This information is being issued with no financial commitment or any commitment of procurement.

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, reserves the right to change or vary any part thereof concerning the procurement of HHTI (UC) at any stage.


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