Finland to sign defence cooperation agreement with US

Finland will be signing a defence cooperation agreement with the United States next week that will bring US soldiers and military material to aid in the Nordic nation’s defence.

Notable, the defence cooperation agreement will deepen our defence cooperation with the United States (US) and can be vital in a case of crisis.

Further, the agreement, will serve as a rulebook for U.S military presence in Finland.

It lists 15 facilities and areas to which the U.S. military will have unimpeded access and where it can also store military equipment and ammunition, ministry officials said ahead of the announcement.

To be noted that Russia’s Nordic neighbour Finland became the NATO military alliance’s newest member earlier this year in response to Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

Neighboring Sweden, which has also asked to join NATO but has been left waiting due to resistance from existing members Turkey.

Also, last week Hungary, signed a similar agreement with the US, giving it access to 17 areas including four air bases, one harbour and five military camps.