IAF’s C-130 J aircraft achieves milestone night landing at Kargil airstrip

The Indian Air Force (IAF) reached a significant milestone with a night landing by an IAF C-130 J aircraft at the Kargil airstrip.

Demonstrating prowess in challenging terrains, the mission incorporated innovative terrain masking techniques.

Revealed through an official post on X by the IAF, the night landing at Kargil involved strategic terrain masking techniques during the flight.

The IAF stated, “In a first, an IAF C-130 J aircraft recently carried out a night landing at the Kargil airstrip.

Employing terrain masking en route, the exercise also dovetailed with a training mission for the Garuds.”

This achievement highlights the successful completion of a night landing by the Indian Air Force’s C-130 J aircraft at the formidable Kargil airstrip.

It showcases the IAF’s preparedness and expertise, marking a significant advancement in operational efficiency in challenging terrains. T

he use of advanced techniques, especially terrain masking en route, underscores the air force’s commitment to mastering intricate maneuvers.

This accomplishment signifies the IAF’s ongoing endeavors to evolve and adapt to diverse operational scenarios, reinforcing national security across varied environments.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/indian-air-forces-c-130-j-aircraft-achieves-milestone-night-landing-at-kargil-airstrip/articleshow/106608806.cms?from=mdr