IIT Madras to spearhead development of India’s first Indigenous 155mm Smart Ammunition

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has joined hands with Munitions India Limited, a key player in defence manufacturing, to create the nation’s first domestically designed 155mm Smart Ammunition.

This collaboration aims to enhance accuracy and lethality in defence operations, marking a crucial stride towards self-reliance in defence production.

Partnership for Indigenous Smart Ammunition

IIT Madras and Munitions India Limited, under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, have embarked on a two-year initiative to develop advanced smart ammunition.

The primary objective is to achieve a Circular Error Probable (CEP) of 10 meters, a significant improvement from the current 500 meters, thereby enhancing precision in defence operations.

Key Objectives and Features

The smart ammunition project focuses on increasing accuracy and lethality at the terminal impact point.

This involves housing guidance, navigation, and control systems, alongside advanced technologies such as miniaturized electronics and sensors.

Notably, the 155mm ammunition will utilize the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), ensuring independence from foreign satellite systems.

Ravi Kant, Chairman and Managing Director of Munitions India Limited, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, citing it as a crucial step towards realizing India’s ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ vision.

Prof. G. Rajesh from IIT Madras highlighted the complexity of the project, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize modern ammunition manufacturing.

Key Characteristics

The indigenous 155mm Smart Ammunition is designed for compatibility with existing artillery guns, offering seamless integration without necessitating modifications.

It boasts advanced features such as fin stabilization, canard control, and a 3-mode fuse operation, catering to various tactical requirements.

The collaboration between IIT Madras and Munitions India Limited signifies a significant advancement in India’s defence capabilities.

By harnessing indigenous expertise and cutting-edge technology, the development of smart ammunition promises to bolster national security while fostering self-sufficiency in defence production.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/iit-madras-to-spearhead-development-of-indias-first-indigenous-155mm-smart-ammunition/articleshow/107462407.cms