Rolls-Royce signs agreement with Azad Engineering for military aircraft engine components

Rolls-Royce Plc has formalized a pivotal seven-year agreement with India’s Azad Engineering, based in Hyderabad, aimed at the production and supply of intricate components crucial for its military aircraft engines.

Azad Engineering’s agreement with Rolls Royce underscores the strategic significance of this collaboration, positioning the company within the global supply chain for the intricate components essential to Rolls-Royce’s cutting-edge aero engines.

Under the seven-year commitment, Azad Engineering will play a key role in manufacturing and supplying critical engine parts designed for Rolls-Royce’s defense and military aircraft engines.

This represents a noteworthy stride for Azad Engineering, as it enters the global supply chain for the production of technologically advanced components critical to Rolls-Royce’s aerospace pursuits.

Further, the agreement focuses on the production of highly intricate rotating components tailored for various platforms within Rolls-Royce’s defense and military engines.