MoD issues RFI for Light Ambulance (4×4) for use by Indian Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defence, India has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for procurement of Light Ambulance (4X4) through capital route for use by the Army, Navy & Air Force.

The vehicle will be used for transportation of patients in hills, high altitude, cross country, plains & desert terrain as prevalent in the country.

Also, the vehicle should be based on contemporary technology to meet the specific requirement of the services.

The last date to respond to this RFI is 7th April 2024.

The tentative delivery schedule for supply of the equipment after conclusion of contract will be based on delivery at different locations within the country, with numbers specified.

Noteworthy, the MoD, India has invited response to this request only from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Authorized Vendors or Government Sponsored Export Agencies (applicable in the case of countries where domestic laws do not permit direct export by OEM) subject to the condition that in cases where the equipment is offered by more than one of the aforementioned parties, however preference would be given to the OEM.

The broad description of equipment / system is as under:

Further, the vehicle should employ contemporary technology in all its systems to deliver best performance and reliability.

It should be able to perform optimally in desert, cross country and High-altitude areas upto 5000 metre above Mean Sea Level (MSL).

The overall weight of the vehicle should allow it to go across a Class 5 bridge (weight carrying capacity of 05 tons) and dimensions of vehicle should allow vehicle to be transportable by broad gauge section of the railway with ODC clearance.

The vehicle should be transportable in service aircraft and provided with lashing points / hooks on all four sides so that it can be air dropped. Maximum proposed specification/dimension is as under:-

(i) Length of vehicle body (mm) – 5579 Millimeter

(ii) Width of vehicle body (mm) – 2000 Millimeter

(iii) Height of vehicle body (mm) – 2865 Millimeter

(iv) Kerb weight (Kg) – 4085 Kilogram

(v) Gross vehicle weight (kg) – 4860 Kilogram

To be noted that the solicitation of offers will be as per ‘Single Stage-Two Bid System’.

It would imply that a ‘Request for Proposal’ would be issued soliciting the technical and commercial offers together, but in two separate sealed envelopes.

The validity of commercial offers would be at least 18 months from the date of submission of offers.

The technical offers would be evaluated by a Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) to check its compliance with RFP.

Post technical evaluation, the equipment will be put through a Field Evaluation Trial (FET) in India on a ‘No Cost No Commitment’ basis.

In addition, the following inputs will also be forwarded:-

(i) Minimum two vehicles for trials and their availability.

(ii) Modalities for conduct of FET include:-

(aa) Summer & Winter Trials.

(ab) Desert & HAA Trials

(ac) MET (Maintainability Evaluation Trials).

(iii) Trial timelines will be issued in the RFP.

A General Staff evaluation would be carried out by Service Headquarters to analyze the result of Field evaluation and shortlist the vehicle for introduction into service.

Amongst the vendors cleared by General Staff evaluation, a Contract Negotiation Committee would decide the lowest cost bidder (L1) and conclude the appropriate contract.

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