Indian Navy to Host Half Marathon in New Delhi on 06 Oct 24

The Indian Navy is proud to announce the conduct of a Half Marathon race in New Delhi on 06 Oct 24.

The event aims to strengthen the Navy’s ties with the civil society and raise awareness about the Navy’s vital role in safeguarding the nation’s maritime security and interests.

The run will also serve as a platform to promote good health and fitness amongst participants from all walks of life, encouraging them to engage in physical activities and choose an active lifestyle as a means of ensuring overall well-being.

The event will highlight the values of gender equality, women empowerment and inclusivity.

By actively involving individuals from diverse backgrounds and all strata of society, the event will underscore the Navy’s commitment to fostering a culture of inclusiveness and equal opportunity for all.

Getting people together in a spirit of camaraderie and competition will also forge stronger bonds among the people of the NCR and beyond, besides encouraging the youth to take up an adventurous life by joining the Indian Navy.

The event will feature a Half Marathon (21.1 km) race and runs of 10 km and 05 km, catering to participants of all ages and fitness levels.

It is envisaged to be an annual event, in tandem with other similar events conducted by the Navy every year in Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Kochi.