RFI for Thermal Image Sight for 84MM RL Carl Gustav MK III

Issue Date: 23-Feb-2023     |     Response Date: 03-Mar-2023

Brief Details: The Ministry of Defence, India has issued a RFI for the acquisition of Thermal Image Sight along with accessories and Telescopic Bracket Assembly 557B-028221 for 84mm RL Carl Gustav MK III as Buyer Nominated Equipment (BNE) from OF Dehradun.

The procurement is intended for the Indian Army.

The Uncooled Thermal Imaging Sight so desired by the Infantry should be a light weight and ruggedized device to enable accurate engagement of vehicle and human target by use of 84mm RL at night / hours of darkness / poor visibility.

It should facilitate firing of all in service ammunition viz HEAT 551, HEAT 751, HEDP, HE, Smoke and Illumination.

  • Technology: Un-cooled Thermal Imaging (TI) Sensor.
  • Mounting: The sight should be adjustable and mounted on weapon. Suitable mount adaptor to be provided for mounting the sight on RL