RFP, Establishing Collaboration with Suitable Shipyard(s) Towards Co-Production of Marine Vessels/Craft(s), GRSE

Issue Date: 11 Mar 2023     |     Response Date: 29 Mar 2023

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (#GRSE), intends to enter in to a long term collaboration with #shipbuilding yards to leverage their available capacity for enhancing GRSE’s capabilities for designing, constructing and supplying quality marine products to end customers. This EoI notice is also being published with a special focus on engaging with #MSMEs in the shipbuilding #industry.

Expression of interest is invited for empanelling firms having prior experience in construction or design or both design as well as construction of marine vessels and structures. GRSE shall be approaching the firms empanelled through this process in case of receipt of any Tender Enquiry/RFI/RFP for a new project for the Scope Of Work (SoW) mentioned at Enclosure 1. This EoI is intended for creating pool of technically sound and financially stable firms (Parties) who will be considered for working jointly with GRSE for new projects as and when required. Final selection will be done by inviting bids from qualified and short-listed bidders who have participated in the present EoI. Detailed Terms and Conditions (T&C) shall be finalized on case to case basis based on project requirements and finalised scope of work. GRSE also reserves the right to engage with firms even outside of this empanelling process for furthering its business objectives.