RFP for Next Generation Sighting Systems for Futuristic AFVs

Issue Date: 11 Mar 2023

Response Date: 17 Mar 2023

Issued by: DRDO

Brief Details: The scope of the work includes the following:

1. System Design and Development:

a. Architecting of “Next Generation Sighting Systems” configuration as per Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA).

b. Designing and Development of “Next Generation Sighting Systems” as per specifications.

2. System Integration and Evaluation:

a. Testing & Integration of Next Generation Sighting Systems.

The following systems are required to be tested & integrated.

(i)Next Generation Gunner’s Main #Sight with FCC & DMRS (NG-GMS)

(ii) Next Generation Commander’s Panoramic Sight (NG-CPS)

(iii) Next Generation Driver’s Night Sight System (NG-DNS)

b. Performance tests of systems as per Acceptance Test procedure.

c. Qualification Testing of Systems as per specifications.

d. Development of the Test Equipments, Tests Setups, Test Jigs and Simulators.

3. Technology/sub-module Acquisition: Technology/sub-module acquisition for sub systems not being developed by development partner, wherever necessary.

4. Documentation: Carry out documentation for Design, Development, Maintenance and Qualification of systems as per applicable standards.

5. Product Support for Equipments Life Span (≥ 10 yrs):

a. On-site Maintenance of the System

b. Obsolescence Management

c. Up gradation (wherever necessary)

6. #Logistic Support: Provide Logistic support to #DRDO teams during the phases of Design, Development and Evaluation.