Airbus Helicopters delivers first H135 to the Spanish Air and Space Force

Airbus Helicopters have delivered the first H135 to the Spanish Air and Space Force in Albacete.

This is the eighth helicopter delivered under the 36-unit contract signed at the end of 2021 to supply the Armed Forces and State Security Forces.

Worth mentioning, this delivery is six months ahead of schedule, which will facilitate crew training and the entry into service of the H135 for the 78th Wing at the Military School of Helicopters in Armilla (Granada), where it will perform advanced training tasks for military pilots.

Once the planned fleet of 11 helicopters are delivered to the Air Force, the H135 will become the helicopter of reference for pilot training for the Spanish Air Force, Army, Navy, the Guardia Civil and other countries requesting such training at the Granada base.

The H135 is already in service with the Spanish Army’s training unit (ACAVIET) and the Emergency Battalion (BHELEME II). In the coming months, the Navy will also receive the first of the seven H135 units foreseen in the contract.

About H135 Helicopters

H135 is a versatile, reliable and efficient helicopter, ideal for the transition to more complex aircraft, with more than 400,000 flight hours of military training for 12 military customers.

The light twin-engine Airbus H135 is equipped with the most advanced technologies available, including Airbus Helicopters’ Helionix avionics suite.

Some 1,400 H135 helicopters are operated by more than 300 operators in 65 countries.

Further, the fleet has accumulated more than 6.5 million flight hours.