RFP, Multi Mode Hand #Grenade, DG Sashastra Seema Bal, MHA

Issue Date: 04-May-2023      |      Response Date: 12-Jun-2023

DG, Sashastra Seema Bal, on behalf of the authority invites Limited Tender Enquiry  for Multi Mode Hand Grenade -28,128 Nos.

It should have two modes-

  1. Defensive Mode
  2. Offensive Mode

Defensive Mode: – In this mode, the grenade will be with fragmenting sleeve. This mode is used when the solider is in a shelter and the enemy is in the open. Lethal radius is achieved up to 10m from the point of burst. Offensive Mode: – In offensive mode, the grenade is without fragmenting sleeve & issued for low intensity conflict /Law and order situations it offers a stunning effect only. This mode is used while the solider is in open area without any protection.