RFI for product improvement of overall combination for Indian Army

Issue Date: 01 Aug 2023

Response Date: 25 Aug 2023

Service:  Indian Army

Brief Details: The Indian Army is in the process of Product Improvement of Overall Combination in Disruptive Pattern that has life of 18 months authorized to different Arms & Services of Indian Army.

Further, the item needs improvement to align itself with current functional requirements of Indian Army.

This RFI endeavours to envisage vendor participation for selection of product by way of user trials.

The broad qualitative requirements for the product are as under:-

(a) Colour. Digital Camouflage Print.

(b) Fabric. Fabric to be conducive for existing varied weather conditions in Indian Subcontinent and in synchronisation with vast improvements in field of textiles & should preferably have following properties:-

(i) Comfort & Breathability. The fabric must be light weight with good comfort & breathability factor.

(ii) Strength. The fabric to have adequate bursting strength to cope up with rugged usage in harsh conditions.

(iii) Wash Fastness. The fabric to have good wash & colour fastness.-

(iv) Material & Texture. As per functional necessity, best composition of cotton, polyester & other associated fabrics along with technical textiles to be explored. Following are required:-

(aa) Buttons. Buttons embossed with ‘Indian Army’ in Olive Green Colour which are flexible and Heat Resistant.

(ab) Zipper. Best trade quality.

(ac) Sewing Threads. Sewing Thread Spun Polyester OG or similar of best trade quality.

(ad) Velcro. Best Trade Quality.

(v) Usage in Diverse Climatic Conditions. Should cater for a detachable inner/outer secured with zip to add-on a detachable layer to increase the effectiveness during extreme winters.

(vi) Fire Resistant. Since individuals wearing Overall Combination are exposed to conditions that can ignite fire, fabrics having Fire resistant properties to be explored without compromising on breathability aspects.

(c) Design. The design to incorporate the following:-

(i) Ease of Operability. Design should cater for free movement of limbs, arms and should not be restrictive during maintenance work.

(ii) Reinforcement. Reinforcement through double patches for rugged use at elbow, knee and shoulders be incorporated in the new design.