EOI for Commissioning, operation and maintenance of Electro-Slag Re-melting (ESR) Plant available at FGK

Issue Date: 12-Aug-2023

Response Date: 01-Sep-2023

Service: Department of Defence Production

Brief Details: The Field Gun Factory (FGK), Kanpur is inviting Expression of Interest for commissioning, operation and maintenance of Electro-Slag Re-melting (ESR) Plant available at Field Gun Factory, Kanpur.

10 Ton ESR plant of Annual Production Capacity of 4000 MT (270 working days based on 7 days x 8 hrs., 3 shift with 80% efficiency) to produce solid ESR ingot and subsequently solid ESR ingot to be forged in Hydraulic Press. The plant is already installed at FGK. The features of the plant are like this:

  1. Basic Features of the Plant:
  2. Output ESR ingot length max. 5000mm.
  3. 02 Stationary Melt Station (01 for Melting & the other for preparation) protective gas ESR plant with single electrode melting for producing ESR ingots.
  4. Gantry type/column mounted type self-supporting Furnace Head.
  5. Fully co-axial high current feeding system to obtain low furnace reactance, high power factor, min. Eddy current losses.
  6. Fully computerized automatic melt control system.
  7. Automatic Electrode feed control system.
  8. Data acquisition system for statistical process analysis of re-melting processes.
  9. Load cell system for weighing entire electrode feeding system to eliminate influence of outside forces.
  10. Fume exhaust & atmospheric protection hood system for feeing the ESR process from hydrogen pickup and influence of seasonal atmospheric changes.
  11. Inert Gas Atmosphere control system.
  12. Slag & Deoxidizer Feeding System.
  13. Peripheral Equipment: Parting Machine, Semi automatic swing grinder for surface cleaning, Arc Welding System with automatic turn table, Stand for storage of inner and outer mould, Material Handling Facilities like tongs, slag tray, self discharging bucket etc.
  14. Drying oven for removing of moisture of slag.
  15. Fire Protection System.
  16. Utilities Systems like Cooling and Re-Cooling Water System, Protective Gas and Pneumatic System.
  17. The ESR plant shall comply the statutory requirement of Uttar Pradesh Statutory Regulatory Authority.
  18. Input Electrical Power Supply System – 33 KV.