AoN for MSCN High Altitude Area Barren Mountain and Snow Bound Area Terrain

Issue Date: 27 Sep 2023 

Response date: 24 Oct 2023

Service: Indian Army

Gatesorisation. Buy (lndtan-IDDM).

Quantitv. 6,425 Numbers (6,175-lA & 250-lAF) numbers.

Parameters/ QRs of the ltem.

(a) MSCN will be used to camouflage critical designated.

(b) Reduce the chance of recognition against aerial and ground based EM sensors.

The Multi Spectral Camouflage Nets (MSCN), when evaluated under laboratory conditions, will be capable of attenuating the average radar transmission in the centimeter and millimeter wavelength bands wherein the minimum transmission loss of the sample material should be 6 dB (Min 3 dB one way). The MSCN will be evaluated under lab conditions against MIL- PRF-53134 (4 4.2.4) for the range of 2-18 GHz’, in addition, the vendor will certify that the MSCN will provide a 6dB (Min 3 dB one way) minimum transmission loss for the entire gamut of centimeter and millimeter radar wavelength band.