RFI for Unit Maintenance Vehicle based on 6X6 HMV with MHC

Issue Date: 26 Sep 2023 

Response date: 20 Nov 2023

Service: Indian Army

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure Unit Maintenance Vehicle (Indigenous) {UMV (I)} based on 6×6 HMV with MHC Qty 77, based on an Inservice HMV 6 x 6 with MHC.

Intended Use of Equipment

  1. Operational Requirements. Indigenized UMV is the Tech Support Vehicle(TSV) for Tank T-90 to facilitate preventive maintenance tasks and carry out light repairs to automotive and electrical systems of Tank T-90 in field conditions. The crew is of four personnel including the driver.
  2. Terrain Conditions. Indigenised UMV will be employed for cross country (off road) operations in under mentioned terrain conditions: –

(a) Plain and desert terrain as occurring along Western Borders of India.

(b) High Altitude / Mountain terrain upto 4500 m as occurring along Northern Borders (Eastern Ladakh/ Central Sector / North Sikkim) of India.

  1. Weather Conditions. Indigenised UMV should be operational by day & night and in commonly encountered weather conditions including dusty, snowy and sandy conditions in the above terrains.