RFI for Modernization of Plant and Machinery

Issue Date: 20-Nov-2023

Response Date: 20-Dec-2023

Service: Department of Defence Production

AVNL, VFJ Unit is a mobility solution provider to military and non-military establishment manufacturing various variants of military trucks and load carriers. As part of modernization plan, VFJ has planned to induct state of art plant and machinery in financial year 2023-24 & 2024-25.

List of Plant and Machinery

1) CNC Hobbing Machine

2) Box Type Furnace

3) CNC Universal Gear Shaper

4) CNC Vertical Machining Center 2400 x 810 x mm with pallet changer

5) CNC Turn Mill Center Center (X,Y,Z,B & C Axis)

6) CNC Bore Grinding Machine 450 mm ID

7) CNC Vertical Bore Grinding Machine 450 mm OD

8) CNC Mill Turn Center 1100 x 1000 x 900 mm

9) CNC OD Grinding Machine 400 mm OD

10) CNC Gear Grinding Machine with Universal Dresser Head

11) 5-Axis CNC Plano milling Machine

12) Electric Discharge Machine

13) CNC Horizontal Boring Machine

14) Lathe Machine

15) Horizontal Milling Machine

16) 150 Ton Mechanical Press

17) Automatic Track Welding System

18) 250 Ton Hydraulic Press

19) Consultancy Work for designing of Engine Test Cell & Allied Structure for testing of 12 Cylinder V46-6 & V92-S2 Engine.

20) Vertical Machining Center for Master Connecting Rod & Articulated Connecting Rod Boring.

21) Valve Lapping Machine / Equipment for 12 Cylinder V46-6 & V92-S2 Engine.

22) Two-way line boring machine for Crankcase Boring of 12 Cylinder V46-6 & V92-S2 Engines.

23) Lead Plating Plant & Oxidation Plant with Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).